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Posted by on Oct 2, 2012 in HowTo | 0 comments

HowTo be proud of your CV

HowTo be proud of your CV


It is not a secret that potential employers expect from students interesting resumes after graduation. So make sure that by the time you graduate, you are proud of your CV, and you are not embarrassed by the lack of experiences. There is no perfect recipe for the ideal public relations graduate’s CV; however, there are few tricks which may help you to accomplish an excellent CV.

Plan, plan, and once again, plan ahead. Take some time and think what kind of experiences may teach you new skills and, at the same time, look impressive on your CV- any internships which you would still like to experience. Also, make a list of your personal strengths and weaknesses, and think of what skills you still have to learn or improve. Then, based on this, try to write your dream CV, which you would be proud to have in two or three years. Then, print your dream CV, hang it on the wall in your room, and regularly step-by-step try to complete your goals. This method will help you to plan your next move!

What to include in your dream CV?

Start by making small steps and look for voluntary work, which will be a great opportunity to get experience and boost your confidence. Any employer will appreciate an active and hungry for new experiences student.

An internship. Don’t be afraid to look for an internship on your first year of study. Even if you are a non-British student, whose self-confidence in its language skills is not so great, don’t be afraid to take a new challenge!

Also, belong to an association. Participation in a team is always valued. It does not actually matter what kind of association, most importantly is that you enjoy working there and that you are leaning how to work as a team member! This is something you can always sell during your interview!

Tips: Try to write your perfect CV in the way that it shows various skills. Show your potential employer that you have different strengths as a person, student and employee. For example, part-time jobs show your resourcefulness, long-term allegiance to an association proves your loyalty, while an internship proves your motivation.

Good luck and let us know how you get on, we would love to hear from you!

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